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Upload Photos for Free with your ads such as for used mobile homes for sale in Michigan and others.

Not only is it free to buy and sell on our classifieds, it is also free to upload photos! Whether you are looking to sell used computer equipment, used pet supplies or used mobile homes in Michigan, it is extremely important to include photos with your ads. Buyers want to see the condition of items before they decide whether to come and have a look in person.

Here are some tips for successfully uploading good photos:

1. Take photos under a good light source, whether lit by the sun, by light bulbs or by your camera flash. Poor lighting makes for poor photos and makes details hard to see.

2. Take several photos using multiple angles. You might think your mobile home (or other item) is easiest to take photos from the front, but also include angles from the side and back so buyers can see all aspects. Showing buyers exactly what the item is like will save you time and hassle from preventing people coming to view the item only to leave without purchasing.

3. Make sure the file size of your photo is less than 1 MB. Phone cameras and other types of digital cameras often take photos with a very large file size. You will be unable to upload photos over 1 MB without resizing the image. You can use software to resize your image or there are some great free resources online. An easy way to resize your images for proper upload is through sites like which support many of the most popular file formats and can resize quite easily. Another method is through publicly licensed opensource software which is available for download at Its image editing software will not only resize images but it is also capable of doing plenty more.