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Tips for how to search for items such as used boats for sale in Michigan

Here are some tips to help you best search for a variety of items that many people often look for, such as used boats for sale in the Michigan area.

1. Search Bar: The search bar is by far the easiest and fastest way to search for items on our classifieds. You will find a search bar at the top of all the main pages. Simply type in the item you are looking for in the search field, and then click on the button to the right of the field with the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Start by typing in the words you think most people would use to talk about the item.

For example, type in "used boats" on this Michigan based classifieds and it will bring up any ads containing those words.

If you don't find what you are looking for, try slightly different approaches such as going more broadly by typing just "boats"; or go more specific by trying the type of boat such as 'Pontoon boats' or 'sail boats' to find more targeted results.

2. Categories: We have created a variety of categories in which ads can be placed. When searching for an item using our category section, look for the category you feel the item will most likely be located in. We recommend reading through all of the categories first to familiarize yourself with them, so you can choose the specific category most suited to your item.

If you can't see what you are looking for in that category, be sure to also look for other categories that are somewhat related. Some people may think differently than you and could list items in other categories. Sometimes you can find a really good deal in different categories because no one else may think to look for them there.

For example, Michigan used boats might be listed in 'Automobiles' but might also be listed under 'Sports and Fitness'.

3. Wanted: If you still can't find what you are looking for, consider being proactive and place an ad under the 'Wanted' section. List the specific details you are looking for and the approximate price range you are willing to pay. The more details you can include, the better, because you don't want people contacting you unnecessarily if their item is not what you are looking for. Using our wanted ads section may just connect you with someone looking to sell the exact item you are looking for!